In 2013, the Lorain County Office on Aging provided services to more than 8,000 Lorain County residents.  Priority is given to older adults over 60, the physically frail, persons with disabilities, minorities, low-income, rural populations, non-English speaking and those living alone.  LCOA does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, disability or religious beliefs.   




736 low-income households received Emergency Food Assistance, including monthly home-delivered emergency bags of food or much needed fresh fruits and vegetables, to homebound Lorain County seniors.  We provided Holiday Cheer holiday food baskets to 426 low-income households, to help them celebrate the holiday season.  Through our three (3) food pantries, emergency food was provided to meet the needs of 11,234 food insecure, low-income Lorain County residents, throughout 2013.


To protect the health of seniors who had no other means to get to healthcare appointments, Lorain County Office on Aging provided Transportation Assistance to Healthcare appointments to 88 frail and isolated Lorain County aging residents.  In 2013, 973 trips (an average of 11 trips per person) were provided to ensure these individuals received healthcare needed to maintain their health and independence.   


Provided balanced, nutritious meals to more than 404 older adults living in Lorain County, through Home-Delivered Meals and our Senior Dining Program. Since we target our served to low-income seniors who are at high nutritional risk, LCOA is able to improve the health status of some of the County’s most fragile citizens.  In total, nearly 30,000 meals were provided by Lorain County Office on Aging, in 2013!  


To help individuals remain independent in the community, Lorain County Office on Aging staff provided Benefits Screenings & Counseling to more than 335 aging and disabled Lorain County residents.  


More than 281 of seniors and disabled adults receiving Benefits Assistance obtained additional health and social service benefits (e.g., Medicare Part D, Medicare Savings Program, etc.).  This is an 83% success rate of helping vulnerable aging and disabled adults to obtain needed public benefits!  


482 at-risk older and disabled adults living in Lorain County received social support services, provided by a qualified licensed social worker, in 2013. More than 1,338 hours of social support services were provided, by LCOA, to improve the health status of Lorain County seniors and allow them to remain in safely in their homes.  


In 2013, LCOA completed 1,154 heavy chores for 212 at-risk Lorain County seniors, to help address environmental hazards and help aging residents to remain independent and safely in their homes.  


Regular Housekeeping Services were provided to 182 at-risk older adults, in 2013, to allow them to remain independent in their homes.  


138 at-risk aging and disabled Lorain County residents received intensive Options Counseling long-term support services (LTSS), from a highly qualified licensed social worker, to address crises and barriers that were making it difficult for them to remain safe, health and independent.   


89% of older adults receiving Meal Assistance report the program enables them to remain independent in their homes.  


83% of older adults receiving Meal Assistance say they would not have access to balanced, healthy meals without Lorain County Office on Aging.  


1,304 referrals, follow-up and service assistance was provided to 545 aging and disabled Lorain County residents through Intensive Information & Assistance Services – which include assessing needs, linking older adults to needed supports and providing follow-up to ensure needs were met.  


592 low-income older adults living throughout Lorain County were provided with Farmers Market Coupons, to help them buy fresh fruits and vegetables.  


Hosted two Health Fairs for Lorain County seniors, throughout 2013.  We provided health and wellness outreach to over 650 aging Lorain County residents.  


Provided Chronic Disease Management, a 6-week nationally recognized program designed to help aging and disabled adults make lifestyle choices aimed at improving their healthto 22 aging Lorain County residents, in 2013.  


Provided monthly health education and information about Lorain County resources available to older adults to help them improve their health, wellbeing and independence, through the Senior Years newspaper, to more than 8,000 Lorain County residents.  


1,114 families (and 2,072 children) have received Kinship Program services from the Lorain County Office on Aging.