Chore Services


 A service offered by the Lorain County Office on Aging (LCOA) to vulnerable Lorain Country residents—60+ years—to help them improve, restore or maintain a clean, sanitary & safe living environment, through the performance of Chore Services at an at-risk senior’s residence that the individual cannot address alone. 



The Primary goal of LCOA’s Chore Services is to remove hazards that pose a threat to the health and welfare of vulnerable older adults living in Lorain County.



Chore Services are provided throughout Lorain County to eligible older adults—60 years and older—who need help with chores, in their homes, to maintain a clean, safe and sanitary living environment.




As part of Chore Services, Lorain Country Office on Aging will provide heavy household cleaning and seasonal maintenance, that an older adult is unable to complete, is needed to help him or her maintain a clean, safe and sanitary living environment.




Example of Chore Services Offered:


  • Snow/ice removal from older adults’ walkways (not driveways or sidewalks)

  • Trim shrubs

  • Cut grass

  • Rake leaves

  • Minor pest control

  • Wash walls and ceilings

  • Wash windows (outside – 1st floor only, weather permitting)

  • Take down curtains and drapes for cleaning and/or put them up

  • Clean refrigerators

  • Clean stoves & ovens

  • Move furniture and clean spaces underneath/behind

  • Sweep garages and basements

  • Clean bathtubs and showers

  • Minor drain clogs

  • Clean ceiling fans

  • Change light bulbs, smoke detector batteries and furnace filters

  • Clean and install storm windows (1st floor only)

  • Clean and install screens (1st floor only)

  • Clean gutters and downspouts (1st floor only)

  • Shampoo carpets




To schedule Lorain County Office on Aging Chore Services, please call:




Chore Services

Monday – Friday (8:00a – 4:30p)

(440) 326-4800



Some limitations apply, including, but not limited to (1) Chore Services are offered a limited number of times a year, based on need & availability & (2) consumers need to provide all equipment & cleaning supplies needed to provide Chore Services, like ladders, sweepers, lawn mower, etc.